Our Story

Finca Krimalina was founded in 1999 by Isabel Knuth-Winterfeldt and her husband Jens. It had always been a dream of Isabel's to have a horse farm with the primary goal being the welfare of the horse. As a child, Isabel always had a passion for horses and passed this on to her 3 children. After many hears of horseriding lessons, the family bought 3 horses, Albero, Sando-Khan, and Fantasma. Their 3 children had grown up and gone to college and settled in other areas of the world, and Isabel was left with 4 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, an aviary full of parakeets, and 3 turtles. The logical thing to do was of course to purchase a piece of land where they could all live together.


The stable building was completed in 1999, featuring a modern yet pleasing design aimed to keep the horses cool during the hot Spanish summers. Soon people were showing interest in boarding their horses as well as riding lessons, and the riding school gradually grew. Isabel imported 4 Norwegian Fjord horses from Denmark as well as purchasing and acquiring several marvelous horses through the years. The finca is a sanctuary for horses with hilly pastures and an olive grove for the horses to roam through on a daily basis. At Finca Krimalina, no horse is bound to his stall 24 hours a day as is customary in many area stables.

Those who knew Isabel knew that the welfare of her animals came above all else and if you did not like that, well, that was just too bad. She was extremely passionate about all of her animals.



Unfortunately, Isabel passed suddenly, way too soon, during the summer of 2012. The family thought long and hard about what to do about the Finca as it truly was Isabel's gem and life's dream. Angel Mora spent 4 years working at the finca, adding new riding arenas, a gathering area by the stable, pasture upgrades, etc. We thank him for all of his hard work. Angel and Elia decided to take their lives in a new direction in early 2016 as new opportunities arose.

As of May 1, 2016, Emilie Kaarsberg, a former student of Isabel's, will take over the management and care of the Finca. We are very excited to offer her this opportunity to further her love of horses and horsemanship, and continue building on Isabel's vision.